Academic Services

Union Elementary School District Academic Vision
The Union Elementary School District is committed to academic excellence. We are focused on providing a stimulating learning environment where every student receives a high quality education.

Union Elementary School District Shared Instructional Commitments
Our high quality instruction is evidenced through classroom management, structured lesson planning, objectives, learning checks for understanding and the use of monitoring and adjusting instructional practice daily for our students. 

Contact Information

Melanie Block
Melanie Block
Director of Academic Services
P: (623) 478-5064
Alisa Pina 
Administrative Assistant for
Academic Services and District Office       
P: (623) 478-5020

Leticia Castro 
District ELL Coach 
P: (623) 474-7009
 Adam Klingelhoets 
District ELA Coach 
P: (623) 474-7052
   Melanie Blaum 
District Math Coach
P: (623) 474-7080 
Latoya Daugherty

Latoya Daugherty
K12 Mentor - Dos Rios/Union 
P: (623) 474-7002
   Strategic Reading Intervention Support   

 Ashley Salamacha 
Reading Interventionist - Hurley Ranch 
P: (623) 478-5168